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As your neighborhood mobile notaries, the Town Notary team understands how inconvenient and time-consuming getting documents notarized can be. Racing across town to wait in line at the bank during your lunch break? No thank you! What if we told you there was an easier way? At Town Notary, we bring the notary directly to you, on your schedule, wherever you need us. From the comfort of your home to your office or favorite coffee shop, our mobile notaries eliminate the hassle so you can get documents signed, sealed and delivered at the drop of a hat. Sound stress-free and convenient? Read on to learn more about how our mobile notary services make life simpler across the East Bay Area and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a mobile notary?

Great question! A mobile notary is a professionally licensed notary public who will meet you anywhere outside of a traditional office to notarize your important documents. We specialize in coming directly to your home or office at a time that suits your busy schedule. Imagine finalizing paperwork for a house closing without taking time off work or hiring a babysitter. Or having your healthcare documents notarized from the comfort of your living room. As your mobile notary team, we handle everything necessary for legal notarization – verifying IDs, securing signatures from all parties, documenting the transaction and more. Convenience is our calling card!

How does having a mobile notary benefit me?

Hiring a mobile notary is beneficial in so many ways! First, you save time by avoiding trips across town during busy workdays. We bring the mountain of closing documents right to your boardroom table at 6pm if needed! Second, you reduce stress. By overseeing all details onsite, we ensure 100% accuracy so paperwork doesn’t get kicked back due to simple mistakes. Third, you gain flexibility through our extended availability – evenings, weekends and even holidays! Whether you’re a busy CEO or a parent with young kids at home, our mobile services revolve around your unique lifestyle needs.


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What types of documents can you legally notarize?

If it needs a notary’s official stamp on it, we can make it happen! As commissioned California notaries, our team legally notarizes real estate paperwork, attorney documents, car titles, affidavits, loan refinancing agreements, powers of attorney and more. We also handle statutory declarations and sworn statements. If you ever need documentation for insurance, estate planning, healthcare decisions, pensions, or legal proceedings, we have you covered. Unsure if your papers require notarization? Call us anytime! We’re happy to assess your documents and ensure full compliance.

Can you conduct mobile notarizations at hospitals or care facilities?

Absolutely! We understand unique situations call for an extra dose of discretion and care when getting documents signed and notarized. That’s why our team regularly mobilizes to hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers and private residences for individuals unable to travel. With compassion and respect for all involved, we handle medical affidavits, DNR orders, power of attorney paperwork and more. No matter how complex or sensitive the situation, we help finalize end-of-life documents and legal matters with utmost professionalism.

How much does it cost to use your mobile notary services?

Our rates are very competitive and transparent. In fact, when you consider the convenience we offer, our mobile notary services provide excellent value! We eliminate transportation costs and save you precious time that may be better spent with family or growing your business. Our upfront quotes ensure no surprise fees. And for large document batches, we offer discounted rates compared to traditional notary offices. Contact us anytime to discuss pricing for your unique mobile notary needs – we know you’ll be delighted!

At Town Notary, we’re here to simplify document notarization across the East Bay Area with professional, mobile services that fit your on-the-go lifestyle. Contact us when you’re ready to schedule easy, stress-free notarization exactly when and where you need it. From real estate closings to powers of attorney, and everything in between, let us handle the hassle so you can get documents signed quickly. Ready to learn more about how our mobile notary team can help you? Give us a call – we can’t wait to streamline notarization for you!