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The Town Notary team is committed to bringing convenient, tech-enabled services to clients across the East Bay Area and beyond. Bid farewell to the days of racing across town or waiting in endless lines for simple document notarization! At Town Notary, our secure digital platform lets you connect with our expert team 24/7 to notarize paperwork online from the comfort of anywhere. No taking time off work or struggling with childcare pickups. No playing phone tag or missing tight deadlines due to other people’s availability. Our online notaries ensure you complete critical transactions on your schedule. Read on to discover how we blend efficiency, accessibility and legal compliance into one stress-free solution!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an online notary?

An online notary leverages secure video conferencing technology to verify IDs and witness e-signatures, enabling remote notarization. Much like traditional notaries, online notaries are commissioned professionals trained in proper legal protocols. The difference? We facilitate the entire notarization process digitally using encrypted platforms, electronic journaling and more. This means anyone located in California can get documents notarized online without requiring face-to-face meetings. It’s fast, convenient and 100% legitimate!

How does getting documents notarized online actually work?

Our user-friendly system allows self-guided notarization in three seamless steps. First, simply upload your documents to our secure cloud portal anytime. Next, connect via live video chat so one of Town Notary’s commissioned experts can confirm your ID, review the paperwork and witness your e-signature using state-validated processes. Finally, we’ll instantly apply an official digital stamp and forward the notarized documents back to you electronically. No playing phone tag, no chasing people down for signatures in person, no hassle at all! It’s effective, transparent and fully compliant with California e-notarization laws.


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What types of documents can you legally notarize remotely?

Thanks to recent remote online notarization (RON) legislation, our digital services cover most documents that would traditionally require in-person notarization. This includes powers of attorney, declarations, affidavits, business contracts, healthcare directives, loan refinancing agreements, legal proceedings materials and more. We also handle many real estate transaction documents. Simply upload your paperwork to our portal and we’ll ensure it meets eligibility criteria for 100% legitimate e-notarization. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

How does online notarization compare to in-person notarization security-wise?

We’re glad you asked! Ensuring security is our top priority. Our platform exceeds industry encryption standards to protect sensitive data in transit and at rest. We utilize multi-factor and knowledge-based authentication to verify identities beyond doubt before facilitating e-signatures. Our trained experts also follow meticulous electronic journaling protocols, capturing detailed audit trails for every digital transaction. This means our remote notarization services are extremely secure – in some ways even more so than traditional paper-based methods! You can rest assured your information stays protected.

Does online notarization speed up document handling times compared to in-person services?

Absolutely! By eliminating transportation, commuting and rigid office availability, our digital solution enables expedited document processing in often less than 24 hours. Real estate agents can now quickly notarize time-sensitive disclosures even after business hours right from their smartphones! Executives can promptly finalize international business agreements without ever leaving their desks. And our round-the-clock accessibility means missed deadlines due to waiting on other people’s schedules is a thing of the past. Simply upload your document when it’s convenient for you and our online experts will take care of the rest ASAP. It’s speed and efficiency at your fingertips!

At Town Notary, we blend security, convenience and prompt service to deliver a modernized approach to document notarization across the East Bay Area. Ready to simplify your life? Contact us to learn more about our remote online notarization services or to get started on streamlining critical paperwork today. We can’t wait to show you how seamless and stress-free official processes can be!